Aerial / Pole / Silks Dance School Insurance

Our new advanced online purchase option makes it easy for your to buy insurance for your dance school, including pole-dancing studios and those with aerials online.

Liability Insurance for Dance Schools

The online dance school insurance quote will provide you with two lines of coverage on the quote when you quote and buy online:

  • General Liability
  • Accident Medical

You will also be able to generate a certificate of insurance for your landlord and add independent contractor instructions.  Employees and owners are automatically covered under the liability insurance.


Property Insurance for Dance Schools

Optional property coverage is for your business personal property, tenant improvements, glass windows, and more.  Learn more during the quoting process.


Important Notes about Insurance Coverage

  • When completing the online application, you will be asked to list all of the styles of dance that you teach.  Please list all styles that you teach and, if you teach pole or aerials, make sure to specifically list them.
  • You may also teach zumba/yoga under this program.
  • You may also teach traditional dance styles, such as hip hop, ballet, and tap.

Pole Dancing studios have been popping up all over the country. A pole dancing studio needs to work with an insurance underwriter and carrier that writes policies for the business. It is also crucial that you understand the coverage.

Did you know that there are many types of policies that exclude injuries to participants? Read that question twice. That means that if someone is hurt in your class, you are not covered.  If you are shopping for insurance and comparing quotes, always watch out for a participant liability exclusion.

You will also notice that the dance studio and dance school quotes include accident medical coverage.  When you get your pole/aerial/silks dance school insurance quote online, you will see the limits of liability (think of this as the most that the company will pay).